Multimodal Image Registration for Efficient Multi-resolution Visualization

  • Joerg Meyer
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Arising from the clinical need for multimodal imaging, an integrated system for automated multimodal image registration and multi-source volume rendering has been developed, enabling simultaneous processing and rendering of image data from structural and functional medical imaging sources. The algorithms satisfy real-time data processing constraints, as required for clinal deployment.

The system represents an integrated pipeline for multimodal diagnostics comprising of multiple-source image acquisition; efficient, wavelet-based data storage; automated image registration based on mutual information and histogram transformations; and texture-based volume rendering for interactive rendering on multiple scales.

Efficient storage and processing of multimodal images as well as histogram transformation and registration will be discussed. It will be shown how the conflict of variable resolutions that occurs when using different modalities can be resolved efficiently by using a wavelet-based storage pattern, which also offers advantages for multi-resolution rendering.


Mutual Information Image Registration Linear Transfer Function Histogram Match Medical Image Registration 
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