A Demonstrator Platform for Coupled Multiscale Simulation

Part of the Mathematics in Industry book series (MATHINDUSTRY, volume 11)


In this communication we present the CoMSON Demonstrator Platform (DP), a software tool designed to help researchers in testing and validating models and algorithms for coupled simulation of nanoelectronic circuits and devices. The structure of the DP is presented with an explanation of the motivations behind the critical design choices. A multilevel simulation of a CMOS AND gate using two different coupling algorithms is provided as an application example. The example is intended to demonstrate the suitability of the DP as a flexible prototyping environment and its ability to cope with real life industrial problems. In the numerical simulations both the semi-classical Drift-Diffusion model (DD) and a Quantum Corrected DD model (QCDD) are employed and their predictions are compared.


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