Computing Representations of Matroids of Bounded Branch-Width

  • Daniel Král’
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For every k ≥ 1 and two finite fields \({\mathbb F}\) and \({\mathbb F}'\), we design a polynomial-time algorithm that given a matroid \({\mathcal M}\) of branch-width at most k represented over \({\mathbb F}\) decides whether \({\mathcal M}\) is representable over \({\mathbb F}'\) and if so, it computes a representation of \({\mathcal M}\) over \({\mathbb F}'\). The algorithm also counts the number of non-isomorphic representations of \({\mathcal M}\) over \({\mathbb F}'\). Moreover, it can be modified to list all such non-isomorphic representations.


Linear Subspace Graph Transformation Computing Representation Tutte Polynomial Isomorphic Representation 
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  • Daniel Král’
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  1. 1.Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITI), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Malostranské náměstí 25, 118 00 PragueCzech Republic

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