Information Security Economics - and Beyond

  • Ross Anderson
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5076)


The economics of information security has recently become a thriving and fastmoving discipline. As distributed systems are assembled from machines belonging to principals with divergent interests, incentives are becoming as important to dependability as technical design. The new field provides valuable insights not just into security topics such as privacy, bugs, spam, and phishing, but into more general areas such as system dependability (the design of peer-to-peer systems and the optimal balance of effort by programmers and testers), and policy (particularly digital rights management). This research program has been starting to spill over into more general security questions (such as law-enforcement strategy), and into the interface between security and the social sciences. Most recently it has started to interact with psychology, both through the psychologyand- economics tradition and in response to phishing. The promise of this research program is a novel framework for analyzing information security problems - one that is both principled and effective.

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