Texture-Based Multiscale Segmentation: Application to Stromal Compartment Characterization on Ovarian Carcinoma Virtual Slides

  • Nicolas Signolle
  • Benoît Plancoulaine
  • Paulette Herlin
  • Marinette Revenu
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5099)


A multiscale segmentation strategy using wavelet-domain hidden Markov tree model and pairwise classifiers selection is tested in the present paper for histopathology virtual slide analysis. The classifiers selection is based on a study of the influence of hyper-parameters of the method. Combination of outputs of selected classifiers is then done with majority vote. The results of the segmentation of various types of stroma of ovarian carcinomas are presented and discussed.


Majority Vote Combination Rule Virtual Slide Loose Connective Tissue Stromal Compartment 
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  • Nicolas Signolle
    • 1
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  • Benoît Plancoulaine
    • 2
  • Paulette Herlin
    • 2
  • Marinette Revenu
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  2. 2.GRECAN EA 1772, iFR 146 ICOREUniversité de Caen, CLCC François BaclesseCAEN cedex 5France

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