Transactions on Edutainment I

Volume 5080 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 96-106

TMAR: Extension of a Tabletop Interface Using Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Sewon NaAffiliated withGIST U-VR Lab.,  
  • , Mark BillinghurstAffiliated withThe HITLabNZ, University of Canterbury
  • , Woontack WooAffiliated withGIST U-VR Lab.,  

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Recently, many researchers have worked on tabletop systems. One issue with tabletop interfaces is how to control the table without using conventional desktop input devices such as a keyboard or mouse. A second issue is allowing multiple users to simultaneously share the tabletop system. In this paper we explore how Augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) technology can be used to explore these issues. One advantage of AR technology is being able to bring 3D virtual objects into the real world without needing to use a desktop monitor and allows users to intuitively interact with the objects. In this paper we describe a Tabletop Mobile AR system that combines a tabletop and a mobile interface. The Tabletop system can recognize user gestures and objects and intuitively manipulate and control them. In addition, multiple users have equal access for information on the table enabling them to easily share digital content. This makes possible unique entertainment and education applications. In this paper we describe the technology, sample entertainment interfaces and initial user feedback.


Tabletop user interface Mobile augmented reality Tabletop mobile augmented reality 3D interaction Tangible user interface Mobile interaction