Combined Phaco/25-Gauge Vitrectomy

  • F. Genovesi-Ebert
  • S. Rizzo
  • M. Palla
Part of the Essentials in Ophthalmology book series (ESSENTIALS)
  • Cataract formation and progression are common after vitreoretinal surgery.

  • Combo surgery facilitates vitrectomy and increases patient satisfaction, while delayed phacoemulsification may be difficult and risky.

  • Place the trocar before starting the phaco.

  • Currently MICS is the choice.

  • Implant the IOL before the vitreoretinal procedures. Delay the implant after the end of PPV only if the posterior capsula has torn.

  • At the end of the surgery, inject acetylcholine in the anterior chamber, remove the superotemporal and nasal plugs, lower the air infusion to 10-mm value and perform an air/gas exchange using a 30-gauge needle; then remove the infusion line.

  • Considering the advantages of combo surgery, we suggest that combined phaco/25-gauge PPV should be routinely performed in presbiopic patients, even in absence of significant cataract.


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  • M. Palla
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