Evolution of a Parallel Performance System

  • Allen D. MalonyEmail author
  • Sameer Shende
  • Alan Morris
  • Scott Biersdorff
  • Wyatt Spear
  • Kevin Huck
  • Aroon Nataraj


The TAU Performance System® is an integrated suite of tools for instrumentation, measurement, and analysis of parallel programs targeting large-scale, high-performance computing (HPC) platforms. Representing over fifteen calendar years and fifty person years of research and development effort, TAU’s driving concerns have been portability, flexibility, interoperability, and scalability. The result is a performance system which has evolved into a leading framework for parallel performance evaluation and problem solving. This paper presents the current state of TAU, overviews the design and function of TAU’s main features, discusses best practices of TAU use, and outlines future development.


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  • Alan Morris
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  • Scott Biersdorff
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  • Wyatt Spear
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  • Kevin Huck
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  • Aroon Nataraj
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