BLB: A Persuasive and Interactive Installation Designed to Improve Well-Being

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Well-being is a broad subject, which is described in this paper as: a personal balance of mental, social and physical being, influenced by life circumstances and life factors. These factors include emotions, engagement, life satisfaction, intentional activities and social network. The project described in this paper aims at improving well-being through the design of a persuasive and interactive installation for the home environment. After the investigation of well-being by means of a literature study, cultural probes and questionnaires, a concept was developed. This paper describes the design, implementation and evaluation of this concept. ‘BLB’, as it is called, encourages its users to seize the moment in order to increase their well-being.


well-being persuasive technology intentional activities interaction design human-computer interaction 


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  1. 1.Industrial Design DepartmentEindhoven University of TechnologyEindhovenThe Netherlands

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