The ESO UV-Visual Echelle Spectrograph (UVES)

  • S. D’Odorico
Conference paper
Part of the ESO Astrophysics Symposia book series (ESO)


UVES is the cross-dispersed, echelle spectrograph built at ESO for installation at the VLT in 3Q 1999. It has two separate blue (λλ 300–500nm) and red (λλ 420–11000nm) optical paths and two CCD detectors to maximize efficiency. The slit-resolving power product is 40000, with the possibility to reach resolving powers of 80000 (blue) and 110000 (red) with a 2 pixel sampling of the instrumental profile with narrow slits or image slicers. At the typical resolution, the limiting magnitude is ~ 19.5 (S/N = 10 in 2hrs for the spectral range 400–650nm). The instrument features an image derotator for observations of extended objects, an atmospheric dispersion corrector and exposimeters to optimize the exposure time to the desired S/N ratio. The expected advantages of UVES in the study of the absorption lines in the spectra of faint QSOs are presented.


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