Beam Emittance and Lattice Design

  • Helmut Wiedemann


The task of lattice design for proton and ion beams can be concentrated to a pure particle beam optics problem. Transverse as well as longitudinal emittances of such beams are constants of motion and therefore do not depend on the particular design of the beam transport or ring lattice. This situation is completely different for electron and positron beams in circular accelerators where the emission of synchrotron radiation determines the particle distribution in six-dimensional phase space. The magnitude and characteristics of synchrotron radiation effects can, however, be manipulated and influenced by an appropriate choice of lattice parameters. We will discuss optimization and scaling laws for the transverse beam emittance of electron or positron beams in circular accelerators.


Synchrotron Radiation Storage Ring High Energy Physic Dispersion Function Lattice Design 
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