Mesoderm Induction and Patterning

  • David Kimelman
  • Alexander F. Schier
Part of the Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation book series (RESULTS, volume 40)


The mesoderm arises prior to gastrulation as a ring at the equator of the embryo (Fig. 1A). This ring of cells sits on top of an extra embryonic structure called the yolk syncytial layer (YSL). The YSL forms when the most marginal blastomeres collapse into the yolk cell at the 10th cleavage (Kimmel and Law 1985b). The cells closest to the YSL develop into either mesoderm or endoderm, whereas cells further away from the YSL develop only as mesoderm (Kimmel et al. 1990; Warga and Nusslein-Volhard 1999).


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