Wavefront Coding Fluorescence Microscopy Using High Aperture Lenses

  • Matthew R. Arnison
  • Carol J. Cogswell
  • Colin J. R. Sheppard
  • Peter Török
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 87)


In recent years live cell fluorescence microscopy has become increasingly important in biological and medical studies. This is largely due to new genetic engineering techniques which allow cell features to grow their own fluorescent markers. A popular example is green fluorescent protein. This avoids the need to stain, and thereby kill, a cell specimen before taking fluorescence images, and thus provides a major new method for observing live cell dynamics.


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  • Matthew R. Arnison
  • Carol J. Cogswell
  • Colin J. R. Sheppard
  • Peter Török

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