Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics V

Volume 7 of the series Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics pp 167-183

Exact and Distributed Algorithms for Collaborative Camera Control

  • Dezhen SongAffiliated withIEOR Department, UC Berkeley
  • , A. Frank van der StappenAffiliated withICS Department, Utrecht University
  • , Ken GoldbergAffiliated withIEOR and EECS Department, UC Berkeley

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We propose the ShareCam Problem: controlling a single robotic pan, tilt, zoom camera based on simultaneous frame requests from n online users. To solve it, we propose a new piecewise linear metric, Intersection Over Maximum (IOM), for the degree of satisfaction for each users. To maximize overall satisfaction, we present several algorithms. For a discrete set of m distinct zoom levels, we give an exact algorithm that runs in O(n 2 m) time. The algorithm can be distributed to run in O(nm) time at each client and in O(nlog n + mn) time at the server.