Interaction-Based Design of Deformable Machines

  • Mihoko Otake
Part of the Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics book series (STAR, volume 59)


This chapter proposes design principle inevitable to build deformable machines. It is well known that different physical phenomena dominate in microscale and nanoscale world. This makes the design of micro-sized and nanosized machines different from large-scale machines. Likewise, the design of deformable machines should require methods different from rigid machines. Since highly deformable machines like gel robots did not exist before, design principle was not exactly investigated.

As the beginning of Part II, this chapter explores method to develop deformable machines from actively deformable materials. Hypothesis is proposed to solve activeness and deformability problems through design. The strategy is to divide whole system into two parts, material and electric field interfaced by local interaction between them. Electric field generator is designed in chapter 5, and shape of the gel in chapter 6, respectively.

In this chapter, it is examined that the effect of activeness and deformability on deformation response of the gels both in simulation and experiments. Through varying design and control parameters, Scale effect of activeness and deformability is explored. Before conducting experiments, we explain the procedure of material preparation and experimental setup. Results of this chapter would serve as foundation to design mechanical system containing actively deformable materials like electroactive polymers.


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