The HQET Lagrangian: 1/m Corrections

  • Andrey Grozin
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This chapter is about the first \(1/m\) correction to the HQET Lagrangian. It contains two terms: the heavy-quark kinetic energy and the chromomagnetic interaction. The coeficient of the kinetic term is known exactly owing to the reparametrization invariance. The chromomagnetic interaction coefficient is obtained by matching the on-shell quark scattering amplitudes in an external chromomagnetic field in QCD and HQET. To this end, methods for on-shell calculations in QCD and HQET, in particular in external fields, are discussed. The dependence of the chromomagnetic interaction coe.cient on the renormalization scale \(\mu\) is discussed, both within intervals between heavy-flavour masses and when crossing a threshold.


12.39.Hg 12.38.Bx 


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