Assembling the Early Puzzle of Life

  • Popa Radu
Part of the Advances in Astrobiology and Biogeophysics book series (ASTROBIO, volume 2)


So far no theory, no approach, no set of formulas, and no blackboard scheme have been found satisfactory in explaining the origin of life. The absence of solid experimental evidence is the largest drawback in the theoretical models of early life. Therefore, no one may claim the Open image in new window ultimate model’. At the current level of knowledge, this remains impossible. The theory presented here gathers what I consider the most compelling data into a model based on the principles of hierarchical accretion. The challenge to any hierarchical theory about the origin of life is to organize the early achievements of life in a sequence that is thermodynamically meaningful and provides temporal direction (overall increase in stability and efficiency). Some of the major assumptions of this model are as follows:


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