The HP HypeGallery

A carefully staged, event-oriented multimedia campaign
  • Jon Williams
  • Thomas Curwen


  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) wants to reposition itself on a long-term basis in the global printer market. In order to do this, an affinity for the HP brand has to be developed first in the “iMac generation” or “graphics professional” target group, since this group acts as a pointer to the mass market of the future.

  • The challenge: graphics professionals are considered to be particularly skeptical and mistrustful of large brands and advertising in general.

  • An interactive campaign grew out of the “HypeGallery” — an exhibition created by the artists themselves, both online and in the real world. HP large format printers produced the prints. All works of art appeared on the campaign homepage,

  • The integrated campaign produced by Publicis predominantly used avantgarde direct marketing media that were particularly popular with the target group.

  • The media and target group resonance was enormous: since 2003, London’s original “HypeGallery” had 9,000 visitors with works from 1,200 artists, 2004 in Paris had 32,500 visitors with 2,300 artists, 2005 had Moscow with 19,000 visitors and 1,700 works, Singapore with 12,000 visitors and 600 works and finally back to Europe: Milano. Amsterdam and Berlin were the HyPe cities of 2006. Meanwhile, more than 10 million hits were generated on the international website worldwide.


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