Near-Field Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging

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10.5 Conclusions

In the last decades scanning near-field optical techniques have been the basis for nanometer scale resolution spectroscopy and imaging. Single-molecule detection and identification, on the other hand, is a matter of ongoing active research. Raman spectroscopy can provide unambiguous molecular identification due to the welldefined vibrational energy peaks. However, in order to develop all its potential in nanotechnologies, a spatial resolution beyond the ∼ 200 to 300 nm imposed by the diffraction limit is needed. Combination of Raman spectroscopy with aperture-SNOM is mainly limited by the low light outputs imposed by the fiber optic probes. More recently, the development of SERS and TERS has supplied a huge amplification of Raman scattering due to both the enhanced excitation fields and the exploitation of metal-induced resonant electronic levels. Although the physical and chemical mechanisms underlying these phenomena are not yet fully understood, single-molecule sensitivity and sub-20 nm spatial resolution Raman imaging have been demonstrated.


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