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    Briggs, Goodin, and Nelson (1996) report results suggesting alcoholism and pathological gambling are independent addictions. However, as Shaffer et al. (1997, pp. 72–73) note, “the Briggs et al. study employed a unique subject sample that likely represents the tails of two special self-selected distributions; they also employ a small sample size. Taken collectively, these factors encourage us to view their results as tentative and their conclusions as uncertain.”Google Scholar
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    Thompson et al. (1997, pp. 87–88) provide some anecdotal evidence from a survey of Gamblers Anonymous members.Google Scholar
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    The Australian Productivity Commission report (APC 1999, Appendix C) provides a detailed discussion of the CS derived from gambling.Google Scholar
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    Papers from both conferences are published. The Whistler papers are in the Journal of Gambling Studies (2003, vol. 19). Papers from Banff are forthcoming in Williams et al. (2007).Google Scholar

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