Russian Educational Standards of Informatics and Informatics Technologies (ICT): Aims, Content, Perspectives

  • Aleksandr A. Kuznetsov
  • Sergey A. Beshenkov
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Educational standards fixes three main parameters in informatics and informatics’ technology: the goals for every step of education (primary step, intermediate step and pre-professional step), the obligatory component of the content, and the level of it’s acquaintance. The basic course is the course of 8-9 classes. Informatics’ technology of solving tasks is in the focus of the basic course. There are three aspects of the technology: “Informatics’ processes and their automatisation”, “Informatics models” and “Informatics’ point in managing”. The three aspects are fixed in the standard and are common for the permanent course of informatics (taught from the second to the eleventh class).


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  • Sergey A. Beshenkov
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