Internet Archive of Electronic Music IAEM – internet Audio Rendering System iARS

  • Christopher Frauenberger
  • Winfried Ritsch
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The Internet Archive for Electronic Music (IAEM) is intended to be a platform to access an extensive and distributed archive of electronic music. It combines collaborative tools, real time signal processing on the client side and the content of the archive with the concept of learning sequences to form a powerful teaching, research and publishing tool. The internet Audio Rendering System (iARS) is a client browser extension which is part of the IAEM system. It extends a web-browser with a flexible real time audio processing and OpenGL graphic display capability supporting multi-channel processing and streaming. This enables users of the system to perceive multi-track recordings showing their intentional acoustical context in virtual concert halls. These environments may be used embedded in learning sequences for teaching, opening new opportunities in music education.


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  • Christopher Frauenberger
    • 1
  • Winfried Ritsch
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Electronic Music and AcousticsUniversity of Music and Dramatic Arts GrazGrazAustria

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