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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1864)


  • A. The Tetrahedral Group
    • A.1. Action of the Group \(\mathrm {T_d}\times \mathcal {T}\) on the Spaces R3 and T*R3

    • A.2. Fixed Points of the Action of \(\mathrm {T_d}\times \mathcal {T}\) on CP2

    • A.3. Subspaces of CP2 Invariant Under the Action of \(\mathrm {T_d}\times \mathcal {T}\)

    • A.4. Action of \(\mathrm {T_d}\times \mathcal {T}\) on the Projections of Nonlinear Normal Modes in the Configuration Space R3

  • B. Local Properties of Equilibria
    • B.1. Stability of Equilibria

    • B.2. Morse Inequalities and the Euler Characteristic

    • B.3. Linearization Near Equilibria on CP2

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000):

70E40 70H33 70H05 70H06 70K45 70K75 


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