4 Hydrated Minerals on Mars

  • Janice L. Bishop
Part I. History of Water on Mars
Part of the Advances in Astrobiology and Biogeophysics book series (ASTROBIO, volume 4)


Hydrated minerals on Mars provide information about the aqueous history of the planet, which is an integral aspect of whether or not Mars was suitable for life. These minerals hold clues to the environmental processes involving the abundance and duration of water and the importance of chemical alteration. Mineral identification on Mars is underway through orbital visible-infrared remote sensing in concert with spectroscopic, chemical and magnetic measurements on landed missions. Until the mineralogy of the Martian surface is better constrained it is essential to study the spectral, chemical, magnetic and hydration properties of Martian meteorites and terrestrial analog materials in order to interpret data from telescopic, orbital and landed missions.


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