A Generic Approach for the Transmission of Real Time Data in Multicast Networks

  • Miguel Rodríguez-Pérez
  • Sergio Herrería-Alonso
  • Manuel Fernández-Veiga
  • Andrés Suárez-González
  • Cándido López-García
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We present a new single-rate multicast congestion control protocol aimed at the transmission of real time multimedia data. The protocol extends previous work based on the use of a representative host (leader) decentralising its election. We also introduce an open-loop RTT estimation algorithm that avoids the need to send regular feedback to the sender, and that lets receivers decide to claim for leadership only when needed. Our solution is able to compete against TCP traffic in a fair manner so it can be safely deployed in the Internet. Moreover, we have also made it possible to change the rate adjustment algorithm both at the sender and at the receivers, so that it can be elected according to the application needs or network characteristics.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Miguel Rodríguez-Pérez
    • 1
  • Sergio Herrería-Alonso
    • 1
  • Manuel Fernández-Veiga
    • 1
  • Andrés Suárez-González
    • 1
  • Cándido López-García
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  1. 1.E.T.S.E. TelecomunicaciónVigoSpain

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