Typesetting the Deseret Alphabet with LaTeX and metafont

  • Kenneth R. Beesley
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The Deseret Alphabet was an orthographical reform for English, promoted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) between about 1854 and 1875. An offshoot of the Pitman phonotypy reforms, the Deseret Alphabet is remembered mainly for its use of non-Roman glyphs. Though ultimately rejected, the Deseret Alphabet was used in four printed books, numerous newspaper articles, several unprinted book manuscripts, journals, meeting minutes, letters and even a gold coin, a tombstone and an early English-to-Hopi vocabulary. This paper reviews the history of the Deseret Alphabet, its Unicode implementation, fonts both metal and digital, and projects involving the typesetting of Deseret Alphabet texts.


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