How Labor Migrants Fare

Part of the series Population Economics pp 251-277

Cohort effects in the educational attainment of second generation immigrants in Germany: An analysis of census data

  • Regina T. RiphahnAffiliated withWWZ-University of Basel

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Even though second generation immigrants make up ever increasing population shares in industrialized countries we know little about their social integration and wellbeing. This study focuses on the educational attainment of German born children of immigrants. Their schooling success still lags behind that of natives. This paper investigates school attendance and completed degrees of second generation immigrants and finds that even after controlling for characteristics the educational gap remains large and significant. The available evidence suggests that this group as a whole does not assimilate to native educational standards and instead increasingly falls behind.

Key words

Second generation immigrants educational attainment assimilation

JEL classification

J21 J24 J61