Process Design and Implementation with ARIS



The intention of this contribution is to present the business process modeling effort that was instituted in order to implement integrated information systems at SLOVENICA LTD Insurance Company (with and without ARIS e-business suite). The reasons for choosing the ARIS method, ARIS Toolset and ARIS Web Publisher are discussed, and are followed by an endorsement of ARIS business process excellence, which: *encourages standardization, *improves quality and rigor of process design, *encourages the use of a common process vocabulary, *allows multiple viewpoints, *provides analysis tools, *supports re-use, *aids validation, walk-through and testing, *is the starting point for the development of software systems, *provides ubiquitous access to all process users, *allows publishing via www, *facilitates feedback from end users and *gives us the opportunity to share knowledge. The ARIS method and modeling combined with the BPR technique is described briefly and illustrated with concrete practical examples of model structure, model types and hints, which have been used in AS-IS and TO-BE modeling of the reference model. The most important results achieved with ARIS are presented at the end of contribution together with lessons learned.

Key Words

Slovenica’s process modelling history Why ARIS SKOK project Implementation of the Integrated Information System Customer satisfaction ARIS management ARIS method ARIS modelling BPR & Top — down technical methodology Document standardization ARIS html models Knowledge Management 


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