Business Process Improvement and Software Selection Using ARIS at a Mid-Market Manufacturing Company



During the 1990’s, many companies who undertook initiatives to implement ERP systems followed one of two paths of conventional wisdom. The first was to select standard software, and force business processes to conform, with the understanding that standard software has the advantage of best practices from many clients. The second was to clearly define functional requirements and modify standard software solutions in accordance with those requirements.

An emerging scenario is Business Process Oriented Standard Software Implementation, wherein core or critical business processes are defined in sufficient detail to select and optimize standard ERP software solutions. This scenario has two distinct advantages. Post implementation “rework”, a common side affect of forcing business processes to conform to standard software, is minimized and ROI measures are realized quicker. The highest time, cost and implementation risk assiciated with customizing standard ERP software is reduced, ensuring implementation project success. This case study describes the Business Process Oriented Standard Software Selection of American Meter Company.

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ARIS ARIS Toolset BPI BPR Standard Software Selection ERP Business Process Analysis Business Process Modeling Business Process Design 


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