Design of a Process Model with ARIS Toolset for a Telecommunication Company



In August 2001 a certification audit of the Quality Management System was successfully completed in the CESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. units — Wholesale Services Group (WSG). Based on the audit’s results, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), a British certification company, granted the units a Quality Management Certificate for:
  • Design, development, and provision of wholesale telecommunication and WSG division interconnection services.

  • Design, development and provision of IOL Fixed, IP VPN, and IOL unit SERVER HOSTING services.

For the design and development of the Quality Management System (QMS) with a new effective management-oriented approach which is to improve processes and the entire company, ARIS methodology and tools supplied by IDS Scheer were used.

To our knowledge, ČESKý TELECOM a.s. is thus the leading telecommunications operator in the country and it is also among the first telecommunication companies in the world to achieve certificate to the new ISO 9001 standard.

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