Using BPR Tools in Business Process Education



Software plays an increasingly important role in education. It not only provides the student with the mastery of a tool that he may use in his work life. It also immerses the student very effectively in complex business settings. Therefore, at the Marshall School of Business we are striving to integrate leading-edge technology into high curriculum. In 1994 we selected the ARIS toolset as the main software engineering and business process analysis tool for our information systems analysis classes both on the graduate level and on the undergraduate level. In this article, we will first describe the background of our decision to adopt the ARIS toolset. We will then describe the integration into the curriculum. Finally, we will focus lessons learned and future steps to be taken with ARIS.

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Business Process Education ARIS Toolset Market leading analysis tool Diagramming Refinement capabilities Holistic enterprise view Reference model Integration of leading-edge technology into high curriculum 


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