A Methodology for Developing Business Intelligence Systems



Recent years have seen significant advances in systems development methodologies. Structured systems analysis and design approaches have been complemented and often substituted by a variety of new approaches such as prototyping, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design methodologies (OOADM), and Rapid Application Development (RAD), among others. System development methodologies and methods have always reflected the available toolsets, e.g., Fourth Generation languages and CASE tools, which enabled rapid application development. Organizational focus has also shifted over the years from Transaction systems to decision support and competitive intelligence. The frequent, expensive occurrences of implementation failures are a stark reminder of the need for appropriate methodological approaches to implementing BI systems. This chapter examines the peculiar methodological needs of BI systems and contrasts those systems with earlier transactional and reporting systems. Based on this comparison and analysis, a methodological framework and approach is proposed for effectively developing and implementing BI information systems.


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