How authentic is Handel’s G-major suite HWV 441?



Anyone concerned with Handel’s keyboard music knows that the collection of Suites de Pièces Second Volume published by John Walsh in three successive issues about 1732–17331 was a most unsatisfactory production. It was indeed “full of mistakes in the copying“, as Handel’s friend Bernard Granville apparently noted in the copy he once owned2, since its text was largely based on an equally faulty earlier publication of c. 1720 which Walsh had prepared piratically for the Amsterdam publisher Jeanne Roger, PIECES / à un & Deux Clavecins / COMPOSÉES /Par /Mr. HENDEL /A AMSTERDAM / Chez Jeanne Roger / No. 4903. It was probably the appearance of this volume which provoked Han-del’s denunciation of “Surrepticious and incorrect copies” in the Preface to his own edition of harpsichord pieces published by Cluer in November 1720, now known as the First Set of suites (HWV 426–433)4.


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