Workflow Management between distributed organizations — the Wide Area GroupFlow Approach

  • G. Riempp
  • L. Nastansky
Part of the Information Engineering und IV-Controlling book series (IEIVC)


Communication and cooperation between different organizations is highly important in times of international business with short product lifecycles. Dynamic global markets call for organizational structures of distributed enterprises that are shaped like dynamic networks of persons and the information they want to exchange. One possible concept to react on the changing organizational needs arising from this development are virtual teams or corporations as referred to in (Hammer/Champy 1993, Moad 1994 or Clemons/Row 1992): Such virtual organizations may on the one hand embrace a short term arrangement in order to complete one particular, episodic task or on the other hand be based on a strategic partnership.


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  • G. Riempp
  • L. Nastansky

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