Boundaries, Gatekeeping, and Oppression Within Science Education Research

  • Sarah Riggs StapletonEmail author
Part of the Cultural Studies of Science Education book series (CSSE, volume 17)


I employ an arts-based method to express my concerns and frustrations about the field of science education research. I draw primarily upon experiences I had as a graduate student, when the stifling pressure to conform nearly ended my academic career before it began. Through poetry, I hope to raise questions, surface issues, and highlight voices. In so doing, I also invite others in to create space for their own concerns, tensions, and wonderings about the field. Throughout, I raise questions about how we engage in social justice work in light of the gatekeeping represented in the poem.


Poetics Arts-based methods Gatekeeping Oppression 


  1. Burke, L., & Bazzul, J. (2017). Locating a space of criticality as new scholars in science education. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 12(3), 565–579.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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