B4MultiSR: A Benchmark for Multiple-Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction

  • Daniel KostrzewaEmail author
  • Łukasz Skonieczny
  • Paweł Benecki
  • Michał Kawulok
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 928)


Super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) methods consist in processing single or multiple images to increase their spatial resolution. Deployment of such techniques is particularly important, when high resolution image acquisition is associated with high cost or risk, like for medical or satellite imaging. Unfortunately, the existing SRR techniques are not sufficiently robust to be deployed in real-world scenarios, and no real-life benchmark to validate multiple-image SRR has been published so far. As gathering a set of images presenting the same scene at different spatial resolution is not a trivial task, the SRR methods are evaluated based on different assumptions, employing various metrics and datasets, often without using any ground-truth data. In this paper, we introduce a new multi-layer benchmark dataset for systematic evaluation of multiple-image SRR techniques with particular reference to satellite imaging. We hope that the new benchmark will help the researchers to improve the state of the art in SRR, making it suitable for real-world applications.


Super-resolution reconstruction Image processing Benchmark Dataset 



The reported work is a part of the SISPARE project run by Future Processing and funded by European Space Agency. In addition, the authors were partially supported by Statutory Research funds of Institute of Informatics, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland (grants no. BKM-509/RAu2/2017 (DK) and BK-230/RAu2/2017 (MK)).


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  • Paweł Benecki
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  • Michał Kawulok
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