Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Global Optimization in Group Robotics Problems

  • Anatoliy P. KarpenkoEmail author
  • Ilia A. Leshchev
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 174)


Localization of plots of land which have the highest level of radiation, chemical or alternative contamination is one of the typical group robotics objectives. The research aim lies in development, software implementation and performance study of the original robotic group control algorithm based on nature-inspired Cat Swarm Optimization algorithm. This paper proposes Cat Swarm Optimization algorithm description, features of software realization and a vast computational experiment results. The practical value of this work lies in applicability of proposed algorithm for decentralized robotic group control systems synthesis.


Robot Group robotics SEMS Decentralized robotic group control Nature-inspired algorithms of global optimization Contaminated plots of land localization 


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