Input–Output Relations

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The mathematical tools introduced to analyze systems based on SNR key figures are expanded to any kind of data especially digital ones. For obvious reasons, the greater part of modern technology we deal with is digital. Less well known is the fact that this counts also for medical application of pharmaceuticals. Every combination, i.e., continuous or digital data fed to the input with a continuous or digital response as output is considered and outlined with practical examples. The intent is not to stick with area-specific nomenclature but to recognize the applied principles. In case of critical medical treatment, an objective scientific way is presented to extract an effective dosage to be on the safer side for a patient. The extension of a functional range to improve the reliability of digital functions by continuous data turns out to be one of the most efficient formulations for optimization.


Signal-to-noise ratioSignal-to-noise Ratio (SNR) Functional Range reliabilityReliability Survival rateSurvival Rate Sorting Machine 
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