Determination of the Wing Conveyor Idlers’ Axial Loads Using the Finite Element Method

  • Zarko Miskovic
  • Radivoje Mitrovic
  • Milan TasicEmail author
  • Marko Tasic
  • Ján Danko
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 54)


The impact of the axial load is often completely neglected in the design of the conveyor idlers (rollers) testing machines. The subject of the present research is focused primarily on the conveyor idlers load determination by numerical simulation of the contact between the conveyor belt and idlers. A nonlinear theory of the finite element method is applied, taking into account the effects of large displacements and the contact problems. The basic information required for the presented calculation was the modulus of elasticity of the conveyor belt in the lateral direction. An experimental apparatus in accordance with the DIN 22102 standard was developed and used to determine the load representative value. The adopted approach to the numerical modelling was initially checked by the simulation of the designed experimental testing. A significant match of the results confirmed the applicability of the presented approach to the modelling of the considered problem. The axial load on the wing (side) idlers is generated only during the partial loading of the conveyor. It has considerably high intensity only until the conveyor belt touches the horizontal idler. Applying the gradually increasing load on the conveyor belt in the numerical model and monitoring the vertical distance between the belt and the horizontal conveyor idler, the exact moment of contact was determined. The reaction forces registered in the contact of the belt and the wing idlers are used as the experimental loads in the custom designed conveyor idlers testing machine – where conveyor idlers are tested under the simultaneous action of the radial and axial load.


Conveyor idlers Finite element simulations Testing procedure Mechanical design 



The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia for the support, as well as for the equipment used, acquired within the national project TR35029.


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  • Zarko Miskovic
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  • Radivoje Mitrovic
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  • Milan Tasic
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  • Marko Tasic
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  • Ján Danko
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  2. 2.College of Applied SciencesTehnikum TaurunumBelgradeSerbia
  3. 3.Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Transport Technology and DesigningSlovak University of Technology in BratislavaBratislavaSlovakia

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