Overview of the NLPCC 2018 Shared Task: Single Document Summarization

  • Lei LiEmail author
  • Xiaojun Wan
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In this report, we give an overview of the shared task about single document summarization at the seventh CCF Conference on Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing (NLPCC 2018). Short summaries for articles are consumed frequently on mobile news apps. Because of the limited display space on the mobile phone screen, it is required to create concise text for the main idea of an article. This task aims at promoting technology development for single document summarization. We describe the task, the corpus, the participating teams and their results.


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We thank the colleagues from Bytedance to write summaries for the articles. We thank Huiru Zhang for processing and cleaning the testing data. We thank Lifeng Hua who prepared previous’s summarization task. We also thank Jie Tang and his team Knowledge Engineering Group of Tsinghua University for verifying the evaluation process. We thank for providing the online submission system which kept a standing board for every submission. Finally we also would like to thank the participants for their valuable feedback and outstanding results.


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