Nineteenth-Century Disorder in the Pale and Elsewhere

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The Pale of Settlement and the larger international system were constantly changing during the nineteenth century. Both natural and man-made disasters along with new technologies, intellectual and cultural trends, market disruption, population movements, and Russian nation-building were sources of disorder that required life-changing responses by both Jews and their neighbors. Regions differed in their life-changing pressures and responses to them. Jews were geographically mobile but most migration occurred within the Pale itself.


Ansky Base-superstructure Citizenship Class Clothing Disasters Epidemics Enlightenment Famines Geography of religion Ha-Malitz Hasidism Haskalah Ideology Industrialization Malthus Man-made disasters Mendelssohn, moses Migration Military draft Modernism Nation-building Novels/fiction Over-population Phalen commission Poverty Push-pull Rabbi Railroads Reason Rebellions Torah, oral, and written Unemployment Urbanization Wars Wiesel, elie 

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