Modeling of Traffic Conditions at the Circular Junction in the City of Hlohovec

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At present, it is possible to see an increase in car traffic on roads in EU. This trend is caused by still growing demand for transport. This is resulting in a gradual increase in road traffic intensity, congestions and traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to use current road network and build a new, which satisfies the present and future requirements for transport in area. Despite the large investments in the development of infrastructure, the traffic situation is getting worse. The most problematic places in the traffic infrastructure are junctions. In the recent past the circular junctions were highly preferred, but are they also good at increasing traffic? In our article, we analyze the highly loaded circular junction in the city of Hlohovec. We have suggested its solutions with microsimulation.


Circular junctions Calculations of communication capacity Modeling of circular junctions Traffic model 


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  1. 1.The Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and CommunicationsUniversity of ŽilinaŽilinaSlovakia

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