Turbo Roundabouts: A Brief Safety, Efficiency and Geometry Design Review

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 52)


The application popularity of various roundabout types around the world has driven substantial efforts to optimize their geometry design. Implementing effective roundabouts requires optimizing traffic safety (TS) and traffic (operational) efficiency (TE) while considering various geometry and other factors. In multi-lane roundabouts driver indecision and misunderstanding of the driving rules and situations can lead to weaving conflicts and accidents. These accidents are frequent and often affect TS and TE. The turbo roundabout concept has emerged as a possible alternative to conventional multi-lane roundabouts, aiming to improve exclusively TS. However, some studies do not allow definitive conclusions about their TE (capacity) influence. To capture a relationship between turbo roundabout design, TS and TE parameters brief overview of the latest guidelines and studies is presented here.


Turbo roundabout Traffic safety Traffic (operational) efficiency Guidelines Geometry design 



The research described in this paper was conducted within the scope of the research project Technical Review of Traffic Accident Locations with Killed Persons in the Function of Hazard Identification, funded by the Ministry of the Interior, Republic of Croatia in the scope of the National Road Safety Program 2011–2020.


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