Study on Roundabouts in Polish Conditions - Law, Safety Problems, Sanctions

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The present paper deals with the subject of the road infrastructure element, which is a roundabout intersection. The paper refers to the basic information and research conducted on the subject of roundabouts in international scientific publications. On their basis, a thematic niche concerning proper way to navigate the roundabouts and the interpretation of legal provision was noticed. Due to this fact, the authors analyzed the concept of ‘roundabout’ in terms of Polish legislation. In addition, the most frequent safety problems and mistakes made by drivers while driving through these types of intersections are described. In addition, the authors also referred to the sanctions that are applied to drivers in the event of improper use of roundabouts. The aim of the paper is to present the study on roundabouts in Polish conditions in the legal context, as well as to indicate the most common safety problems concerning the use of the roundabouts and sanctions related to improper drivers behavior when entering this type of intersection.


Roundabout Roundabout in polish legislation Safety problems concerning driving through roundabouts Intersections with circular motion 


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