Critical Animal Studies and Animal Standpoint Theory

  • Kai Horsthemke
Part of the The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series book series (PMAES)


“Critical animal studies” emerged in higher education as a result of mainstream animal studies being perceived as having sold out, as having been domesticated, colonised by organisations and individuals without any real or practical commitment to animal rights and liberation, to a vegan and generally anti-speciesist lifestyle, etc. Animal standpoint theory stands alongside other standpoint theories, in their commitment to represent the perspectives and viewpoints of those who have historically been marginalised, oppressed and exploited. Like critical pedagogy and ecopedagogy, however, these candidates for revolutionary education are characterised both by a questionable rejection of individualism and by a logically problematic and practically incoherent adherence to perspectivalism and relativism.

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