Nonlinear Optical Experiment of 1941 (Gilbert Newton Lewis)

  • Svetlana G. LukishovaEmail author
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This chapter is devoted to a prominent chemist Gilbert Newton Lewis (1875–1946) and a nonlinear optical experiment (saturation of absorption and phosphorescence) performed by him and his group (D. Lipkin and T. T. Magel) in 1941. Section 15.1 contains a brief description of Lewis’ biography, and Sect. 15.2 outlines his paper of 1941 on saturation of absorption and phosphorescence. It should be mentioned another Lewis’ contribution to optics: after his usage of the word “photon”, this name for “light quanta” became very popular in scientific literature. Lewis is best known for his work on chemical bonding and the production of the first sample of “heavy water”.

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