First Experiments on Measuring Light Pressure I (Pyotr Nikolaevich Lebedev)

  • Anatoly V. MasalovEmail author
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This chapter is devoted to the first experiment of measuring light pressure by P. N. Lebedev (1866–1912). In Sect. 12.1, A. V. Masalov describes the details of this experiment. Section 12.2 contains the translation into English one of the first Lebedev’s papers of 1901. It is a translation from the Journal of the Russian Physico-chemical Society (Zhurnal Russkogo Fiziko-Khimicheskogo obschestva (Zh.R.F.Kh.O.)), Ser. Physics 33 (1), 53–75 (1901). Жypнaл Pyccкoгo физикo-xимичecкoгo oбщecтвa (Ж.P.Ф.X.O.), чacть физичecкaя, 33(1), 53–75 (1901). The same paper was published in German: P. Lebedew: Ann. d. Phys., 4, Is. 6, 433–458 (1901).

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