A Future in Physics (1865–1875)

  • Gerd Rosenbusch
  • Annemarie de Knecht-van Eekelen
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Wilhelm C. Röntgen continued his education at the Polytechnikum in Zurich where he got his diploma in engineering in 1868. After another year at the Zurich University, he received his PhD with a study on gases. His mentor was Gustav Zeuner , Professor of Mechanics and Theoretical Engineering, who should be named together with August Kundt as those who stimulated Röntgen to focus on physics. Kundt had been nominated as Professor of Physics at the Polytechnikum in 1868. He asked Röntgen to become his assistant. Röntgen always remembered his years in Zurich as happy ones, one of the reasons being him meeting his future wife, Anna Bertha Ludwig there.

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