Corrosion in Petrochemical Plant

  • Pietro Pedeferri (Deceased)Email author
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Production fluids extracted and transported in the oil and gas industry are multi-phase systems (oil, water and gas) with a variety of compositions. A necessary condition for corrosion is the metal wetting by an aqueous phase, which in turn depends on the fluid composition (water content) and on flow regime. If water wetting is effective on the metal surface, corrosiveness of the environment depends on its specific composition, for instance, on the presence or absence of CO2 and H2S in the gas phase, or oxygen in the liquid water phase that can accompany oil. The chapter deals with on corrosion problems concerning CO2 and H2S for both upstream, midstream and downstream, with a brief mention to some peculiar forms of corrosion occurring in the refinery plant. The behaviour of most relevant metals in the different environments is also summarized.


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