Chronic Kidney Disease in the Primary Care Setting: Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Management

  • Jay I. Lakkis
  • Matthew WeirEmail author
Part of the Contemporary Cardiology book series (CONCARD)


This chapter provides a clinical perspective on how the kidney can be used as a sentinel for cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden and, perhaps, as a means of measuring therapeutic success for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. To accomplish these goals, we will first provide some background about the relationship between chronic kidney disease and CVD. Next, we will discuss the value of estimating glomerular filtration rate (GFR) as a better measure of overall kidney function as opposed to simply using a serum creatinine. In addition, we will also focus on the importance of residual albuminuria or proteinuria and its implications for predicting CVD. These observations will set the stage for assessing appropriate blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose goals for patients, and the pharmacologic means of attaining these goals. Finally, we will describe non-traditional CVD risk factors unique to the CKD population and recommend some therapeutic strategies whenever possible.


Chronic kidney disease Cardiovascular disease Microalbuminuria Estimated glomerular filtration rate Creatinine clearance Nephropathy Proteinuria Albuminuria End-stage renal disease 


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